Suzanne F.

Tony has a gift for listening, understanding, and turning my confusion into focused goals. He helped me work through some hard decisions and come to terms with what is most important to me professionally. I felt more comfortable taking a particular path vice trying a little of every path after our sessions.

Michelle L.

Tony is an incredible coach who truly listens and understands those he is working with. Always attentive to the nuances of each individual, Tony helps lead individuals to realizing even greater potential. He is easy to talk to, has insightful big picture thoughts to share, and is a wonderful human who truly cares about helping others. I highly recommend Tony if you are looking to level up in any element of your life!

Theresa P.

It is evident Tony Farmer has a passion to serve. His active listening, professionalism and insight is unmatched. This is a coach that will guide you to your answers. I would highly recommend his services to the individual that’s ready to go to the next dimension in life and business.

 Kennard B.

Tony is passionate about your success. He helps you stay focused on your objectives and provides common sense strategies to push you past your goals.

 Mary M.

I always look forward to talking to coach Tony. Not only is he very professional he is very spiritual. He is great at listening as well as give great feedback. He is full of wisdom and will make you think about things that you may not have thought of. You may feel one way before your session with him but, at the end, you will walk away feeling so much lighter and with such peace. If you are looking for a coach then Tony Farmer is the coach for you. You will not be disappointed.

Glastinne C.

Tony is like the big brother I’ve always wanted. His wisdom is deep but he’s able to explain the jewels that he offers with simplicity and grace. In other words, Tony is a great communicator and my go to guy when I feel stuck or lack clarity.

Adrian W.

The professional consultation that I have received over the years has directly helped me to navigate the corporate landscape move up in my career.

Erica S.

I highly recommend Mr. Farmer as a coach to anyone wanting to take their professional, spiritual, or personal growth to the next level. He is very relatable. Mr. Farmer has encouraged and counseled me on many occasions to help me access and work towards the goals I am trying to accomplish in life.

Kimberly B.

Tony is passionate and caring about helping to move people from “problem to progress.” I’ve seen him, at a moment’s notice, drop what he was doing to address an issue on the spot. He is able to cut through muddy situations to provide clarity and direction and does so with compassion and no judgment.

Joy S.

Not only does Tony listen well, he makes connections and asks the hard questions that really helps me get to the root of my issues. He has a way at looking at a situation differently. Tony has been a great help to me and my family.

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